Tuesday, June 23, 2009

screen academy love fest dot com

HELLO blogword, it's been a little while! My guess is that you require some suitable reason to excuse this shamefully prolongued absence and luckily I have one big one, and an aspect of it is pictured below. See:

Pretty? YES, i like to think so.

So, in the last few months I have worked on six different film sets, I have directed one and written three, I have produced over like 80 pages of television script and I have discovered a new love (it is called: "production design"). Am I showing off? Perhaps a little, but mainly I would like to address a much larger issue. Yes, I now have to face the very real fear that I may be becoming one of those swarmpy, pretentious, satisfied WAAPA types that I used to love to hate. (NOTE I actually study at WASA, but no body knows what that is, do they?)

Further evidence:
* I constantly ache to discuss past projects, present projects and future projects (boredom city, population: me & whoever i'm conversing with at the time).
* I have a nonstop screenplay running in my head at almost all times (either that or a live radio interview, feat. me, upon my first oscar nomination).
* I pretty much love my 25+ weekly contact hrs, and would not be adverse to staying the night at uni if required (though I guess that might just be as a result of my already existing love for sleepovers?).
* I am always tired, and there is never enough time for anything, because there is just so much that I want to do (I MISS MY FRIENDS SO MUCH).

So, in many ways, I hate this. I can still remember talking to Caro in Jan, as we drove from Heron's Nest into the bustling Busselton CBD, and being all: "WAAPA isn't even that great, what's it's problem?!" and "those crazy OCD WAAPA types are nut jobs, their lives must suck LOL" etc. (and I guess I made some ^strong points^!). Then again, though, it is kind of amazing. As with so many things that I initially fear, it has ended up being a great decision - it turns out that I love the endless string of challenges, the fun people, and the concentrated creativity. And I just wanted to get that down before I changed my mind, as I am so wont to do.

(though this doesn't in any way change the fact that i am excited beyond all BELIEF about my 2 upcoming non-contact weeks.)

xx magda

ps i will update more from now on OK