Saturday, December 5, 2009

styles 4 u

Recently, I've been loving getting dressed up. And I don't mean in an "I'm going to the opera, please pass the powder" kind of way, but more like just being fun and throwing CAUTION TO THE WIND.

Here are some items that i have recently utilised, for the first time everrrr:
- lipstick (deep red)
- high-waisted skirts (who cares about accentuated stomachs?)
- high heeled shoes (kinda fun being tall)
- glitter nail polish (feat. confetti pieces)
- really big rings (somehow infinitely nicer than small rings?)
- short skirts (introducing: my legs)

To a certain extent, I blame SIA. Not only have I been loving her music like crazy crazy, but I have been loving her "back to childhood"/"i will wear whatever the hell i want to" aesthetic. If this year has taught me anything, it's that I'm a little obsessed with regression, and basically I am probably going to continue dragging out those old, dusty childhood obsessions for as long as society will allow, or maybe even longer.

Not that I've been that crazy really, or that this obsession has really been that much of a jump for me (my sister has been criticising my " disgusting tacky cheap style" for yearrrrs now), but recently I've been appreciating it quite extremely.

I have to start making my showreel, website etc this week, and this is the aesthetic I will be using to market myself. I want to be all about the fun, colour and confetti. If you're interested in making this website for me, plz get in touch

much love, magda

PS also planning to pierce my ears this week, wish me luck!! i will admit that i am kinda scared about the experience. i feel like i'm twelve years old again, like my parents will get angry when they see it, and i'm loving it.