Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ode to laundromat (dot com)

My parents returned from their South American adventure the other week, after eight weeks away. During this time, my sister and I enjoyed beautiful independence and peaceful co-habituation, as well as the unfortunately aligned breakage of several household objects. Namely, we somehow managed to break: the back sliding door, the vacuum cleaner, the egg poacher, and, most significantly, the washing machine. (We maintain that these breakages were the result of standard wear-and-tear and not any irresponsibility on our part).

As a result of these various events, I was lead into the magical world of THE LAUNDROMAT. Initially nervous, I approached Osbourne Park's esteemed establishment, "TheLaundromat.Com.Au," with a fair degree of caution. I was distrustful of the unfamiliar machinery, the dusty floors and the humongous, unfriendly-looking driers. I didn't know what to bring, so I came in with every kind of washing powder, a really large bag of spare coins and about five different novels. I greeted other patrons with the wary, defensive nods of one who is feeling very unsure/insecure.

As is so oft the case though, it took only two visits for me to get "crazy in lurve" with this wacky little world. In ridiculously cliched moments, I made friends with the Italian ironing lady who worked out the back, and with the young couple who came in every Monday afternoon at 4:30. When I eventually figured out how to access the wireless internet, I claimed the little corner bench as my own temporal study, and got used to setting up there with books and laptop. Great levels of productivity were reached here, where the spin of the machines lulled me into a strangely heightened focus.

My highlight was offering "sage" advice to another newcomer. My lowlight was a visit to the much more expensive, slightly stinky and much less innovatively named "Laundromat" of South Perth; an incident which only increased my appreciation of my "local" laundrette (and I guess also of Tom, who stayed by me throughout the horrible ordeal).

Woo so now that we have a new, shiny, clean washing machine with all the mod-cons and great spin power, and yet I kind of miss that world. For a little while, doing the laundry was an exciting, romantic afternoon activity - but now it has gone back to being a mundane chore. Who knew? Not I.

Perhaps when I move out, I just won't buy a washing machine. "A good decision"?

xx magda

Thursday, July 2, 2009


On Sunday I decided to vote that Triple J Hottest 100 thingo. I'm not actually sure if my votes were counted, because I accidentally pressed "refresh" during the confirmation process, classic me - but you all know what they say. "Votes: basically not important."*

Anyway, here are my selection, not necessarily in order of preference:


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Ship Song

Basically, this song leaves me feeling overwhelmed with the memory of every emotion I have ever felt, and indeed by the sheer infinite possibility of every emotion I hope I am yet to feel. "Deep as, moite."

The Flaming Lips - Do you Realise?
Who hasn't shed a tear whilst driving down the freeway and singing along to this tune? NOT ME, LITTLE ONES. Take that double negative and figure it out.

Little Birdy - Relapse
I know this may be silly, but to me this song will always be perfect. It was the first song to ever make me cry, and the first that made me feel as if it were being sung just for me (a very special feeling, you will surely agree). I can remember listening to it on repeat in my bedroom as a naive 16 year-old, and all the wacky thoughts that accompanied that experience (life, love, friendship, the future, one boy in particular, two friends in particular). I'm not so into the uber-produced version that ended up on LB's album, but the the one on their first EP gives me goosebumps to this very day.

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (tunnels)
If 'Do You Realise' moistens those eyes, this one switches just sends them nuts. I distinctly remember the first time I heard it - listening to an mp3 CD made by David for Luke and stolen by me. And I can remember thinking: "Holy shit, this is probably better than Little Birdy" (a BIG deal, in many ways a personal "music landmark").

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
There's not really a deep emotional connection at play here; basically this song is just killer tune meets wacky sentiment meets touching personal connotations (good times of d-floors, and in front of my bedroom mirror with deodorant can in hand in lieu of microphone and/or hair brush).

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
Essentially the same effect as numero 2. It's a song that makes me feel acutely aware of being in motion, of the constant rush of life, if you will. AND I DID.

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
What can I say? It's good for driving, great for jogging and a dream for dancing. It's a song that makes me feel all "female goddess, YOW", and gosh I am a such a sucker for the line: "Take my shoes off and THROWWWW THEM IN THE LAKE." If only you would.

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
On the radio the other day, I heard someone talking about SR and suggesting that they prove how the best pieces of art are the ones that demand your imagination, and I could not agree more. I love how when I listen to this song I don't even notice that I can't understand the lyrics, because I've basically made up its meaning entirely in my head, and filled in the gaps myself. I love how it can make me feel so much through SOUND alone.

Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
My love for Bruce was inspired only quite recently, by Ben, but I won't hold that against either of them. The love that has since developed is pure and beautiful, and this song has me in its grasp from start to finale. My favourite bit is probably at around 3 mins, when the song seems to be finishing, and then it just kicks back in with "THE HIGHWAYS JAMMED WITH BROKEN HEARTS" and you think "oh thank god for that because I wasn't ready for this to be over yet."

The Finn Brothers - Won't Give In
I know this is a bit of a wacky inclusion, and that many would dub this song "bland as heck." Somehow, though, I find it profoundly beautiful and deeply life-affirming. I love the sentiment, I love the notion of "people I call my own" and I love the bit that calls "turn around" (no bright eyes though). That's my opinion and I'm sticking it.

Beach Boys - God Only Knows
The Beatles - Here comes the Sun
Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (srsly so close to being in there)
Joy Division - Atmosphere
Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers
Panics, The - Brilliant Career
Swell Season, The - Falling Slowly
Lucinda Williams - Essence (thnx caro)

Did you vote?! I would be hell of keen to know yr choices!

xx magda

*jpyl* i think votes are pretty important, just bein' bitter.
*just pulling yr leg