Saturday, January 2, 2010


I've decided to make a few resolutions for 2010. Here they are in their all their hurried glory. The format is unashamedly 100% borrowed from caro.

1. eat less sweet treats / drink less alcohol
the story so far: In 2009 I resolved to get fit, and I rose to the challenge with gusto - but while my energy expenditure is completely on track, my energy input is another story. And, especially as I plan to move out, I realise that snacks are not only unhealthy, but also expensive. I need to get over my obsession with them.
the 2010 plan: Plz pass me the celery, thnx. Vegetables and water will be my saviours. I will probably still drink alcohol, but let's try to keep track of my glasses this time around - and also avoid too much beer.
NB: this resolution begins AFTER i get home from Buss.

2. engage in extreme writing
the story so far: I didn't get my dream writing job this year, and instead I will be working in the equally pleasing realm of arts management - but this is not where I want to stay. And if I want to make a career out of this writing bizz, then I need to keep it up, and do it more.
the 2010 plan:
To begin, I have purchased a gorgeous "365" book from Kikki K and intend to write something (ANYTHING) in it every day this year. Can be as short or long as I want - a bit of wanky reflection, an idea for a character, a snippet of dialogue or just even a wacky sentence. The idea is that this will make a craft out of my writing, get me into that writing zone, and serve essentially as a catalogue of inspiration. Also: I want to complete at least one first draft feature. :0

3. career woman!
the story so far: I have a job (two, in fact), but honestly I did not complete this harrowing Masters for it to be deemed 100% irrelevant within a couple of months of graduation.
the 2010 plan: Go nuts with making contacts, sending out showreels and generally remaining alert. Secure at least one opportunity to work as a scriptwriter - paid or unpaid, short or long term, brilliant drama or shitty soap. Maybe also try to work as a journalist at some stage. Maybe also try and get some funding and make another short film.

4. develop my "hobbies"
the story so far: For the last few years, all my interests have been either 'career-based' (writing, reviewing, filmmaking, ETC) or 'party-based' (GTZzz). Now, for the first time ever I will not be studying, and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to really broaden my horizons.
the 2010 plan: Choose a few hobbies and stick to them. Atm, I'm leaning towards: piano playing, photography, and learning some languages (FRENCH again, maybe spanish?), YAY. Any other ideas? Is road-tripping an option? I'd like it to be. (also: READ MORE BOOKS).

5. be brave, little lady
the story so far: enrolling in the screen ac taught me a lot about courage; about how when I take leaps of faith, things can turn out AMAZING or at least freaking OK.
the 2010 plan: As I get ready to pursue a dream job, probably move out of home and perhaps travel on my lonesome over the coming year, I think I'll need to really stop being so scared of change, risk and challenge. It's my token "vague" resolution, but hey we all need at least one of these in our lives.

happy 2010 y'all! good luck with your own resolutions!

xxx magda