Friday, May 14, 2010


After an intense bout of seemingly endless bout of writer's block, the words are finally flowing. If they continue to flow like this, then the amazing Alex Giles and I will be embarking upon a potentially very exciting creative journey. More details soon.

Current inspirations in picture form:

The amazing "Pumpkin Soup" video, plus: kids' TV production design, portable houses, helium balloons, colour, colour, colour, bright lighting, rose coloured glasses, fringes, big buttons.

Sweet treats, hundreds and thousands, colourful cones, fairy floss, sherbet, neopolitan stripes, melted chocolate, serviettes in block primary colours, candy hearts.

Perth beaches, bright blue skies, vintage swimsuits, parasols with polka dots and stripes and zig zags, perfectly white sand, limestone walls, pink sea shells.

And I already fear that I have said too much.

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