Monday, May 31, 2010

dungog highlight #2

HIGHLIGHT #2. Gillian Armstrong

She’s something of a legend in Australian cinema, and also an inspiration for female filmmakers – having used cinema to make strong feminist statements (My Brilliant Career), tell beautiful female stories (Little Women) and also to just have non gender specific fun (Starstruck). On Saturday afternoon she delivered a panel discussion about filmmaking and her background and her adventures. Here is what I want to remember:

“Don’t ever be intimidated by anyone. If they intimidate you, take them out for a beer or few. Almost everyone in the filmmaking world is mostly alright.”
“You should know whether you love or hate a script after having read ten pages. This test never fails. Also: if you know how it’ll end after ten pages, you should probably throw it away.”
“As a director, you don’t have to worry about technical details: just be a strong communicator with a clear idea. You don’t have to be the one standing there with a light metre, you just have to know exactly how you want that light to hit the person.”
“Story is absolutely the key. Just let story make all the creative decisions for you.”
"Surround yourself in inspiration. Watch films. Also: go to galleries, listen to music, look at photos, see plays, watch dancers, read novels and read magazines. This is the only way to grow as a filmmaker, artist and person."

UM pretty sure there are a hell of a lot more, but I will just edit them in as I remember.
"Someone should have taken a notebook" - Magda Wozniak, 2010

xxx Magda

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